Takashi Suzuki
Colour Sonata installtion view 2007
1948 Born in Hiroshima, Japan
1982 Studied sculpture at Chelsea School of Art, London
1987 Designed Namiki Street, Hiroshima, awarded The best Street Japan 1987
1988 Awarded Annely Juda Scholarship, London
1998 Visiting Lecturer at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London
2000 1st prize in competition, Art on the Riverside,South Sheilds, England
2001 Visiting Lecturer at Surry Institute of Art and Design, England
2005 Visiting Lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland
Visiting Lecturer at Kinki University, Hiroshima, Japan
One Man Exhibitions 1990 onwards
1990 Angela Flowers Gallery, Artist of the Day,chosen by Nigel Hall, London
1991 Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London
1992 Gallery Yamaguchi, Osaka, Japan
1993 Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London
1994 Angela Flowers Gallery M, London
1996 Gallery Yamaguchi, Osaka, Japan
1997 Gallery A, Static Field, Installation, London
1998 The Loft Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
1999 Gallery Yoichiro Miyamori, Hiroshima, Japan
2001 The Slade Gallery, University College London
Gallery Niklas Von Bartha, London
Gallery Yamaguchi, Colour Field 1, computer animation, Osaka, Japan
Open Studio, London
2002 Gallery Yamaguchi, Colour Field, Osaka, Japan
2003 Gallery Niklas Von Bartha, Colours and Notes, London
2004 Gallery Yamaguchi Kunst-Bau, Osaka, Japan
2005 Sleeper Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
Gallery Yamaguchi Kunst-Bau, Print Show, Osaka, Japan
2007 Gallery Yamaguchi Kunst-Bau, Colour Sonata, Osaka, Japan
NSA, Sculpture and Painting, Hiroshima, Japan
2008 Bartha Contemporary, with Belinda Cadbury, London
2009 kunst-bau | tokyo, Colour Haze, Tokyo, Japan
Group Exhibitions  1990 onwards
1990 Work on Paper, Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London
1991 Small is Beautiful, Flowers East, London,( 93,98,99 )
1992 1st International Small Sculpture Exhibition, Legano, Italy
NICAF International Contemporary Art Fair, Yokohama, Japan presented by Gallery Yamaguchi
10th Contemporary Art Fair, Osaka Contemporary Art Centre presented by Gallery Yamaguchi
1993 Metal Works, Gallery Yamaguchi, Osaka, Japan
1994 Angela Flowers Gallery M, London
Blue Gallery, London ( 96 )
1996 Angela Flowers Gallery, Print Show, London
1997 3 man show, Blue Gallery, London
Summer Show, Gallery Yamaguchi, Osaka,Japan
1998 Secret Exhibition, Royal College of Art, London ( 99,00,01,02,03)
Mackee Gallery New York
Print Show, The Loft Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
2000 Mondrian Echo, Mondrian Museum, Amersfoort, Holland
2 man show,Gallery Yamaguchi,Osaka,Japan
Gallery Hoffmann, Friedberg, Germany
Self portrait, Flowers East, London
2001 Gallery Niklas Von Bartha, London ( 02,03,04 )
Schlumberger Art Project, Cambridge, England
Hiroshima Art Document 2001, Hiroshima, Japan
Still Life,Flowers East,London
2002 Art in CASO Potal presented by Gallery Yamaguchi, Osaka, Japan
Work on Paper, Royal College of Art, London
Voyage, Flowers East, London
Bike, Art Space, London
Minimal Art and Ancient China, Belinda Cadbury Studio, London
2003 Art in CASO presented by Gallery Yamaguchi, Osaka, Japan
War and Peace, Flowers Central, London
2004 Basel Art Fair, Atelier Editions Fanal, Basel, Switzerland ( 05.06,07,08 )
2005 Kaleido Scope, Osaka Contemporary Art Centre, Osaka, Japan
ARTOM 60, Hiroshima Art Document 2005, Hiroshima, Japan
2006 3 man show with Phil Sims and Ingo Meller, Gallery Niklas Von Bartha, London
2007 Art Amsterdam, Gallery Niklas Von Bartha, Amsterdam, Holland
Sign du Japon, Espace Fanal, Switzerland
Summer Acrochage, Gallery Niklas Von Bartha, London
2008 Acrochage, Bartha Contemporary, London
2009 Tactile Vision, Slewe Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland

Linear Circle, welded steel, 1994 Hiroshima Cityilarger imagej

Monument with a poem "A song for August 6" by Edmund Blunden
120 x 200 x 50 cm
1975 Hiroshima Central City Library